I want to become an Alchemist ...
First of all, it must know that esoteric alchemy is an initiatory teaching, even in its initial phases, which is handed down from Master to Disciple. The term “initiation” identifies the beginning of a new interior journey and is a compulsory and solemn passage of a compromise, because it contains a hierarchy of degrees of improvement and elevation within the financial sphere. In short, becoming a CIAE alchemist, it is working on oneself, joining a local “Lapis Anguaris” office, becoming initiated and achieving perfection and for the good of humanity.  

The Aspiring Alchemist – Many people feel attracted to alchemy, but initiatory research should not be taken lightly, the aspiring alchemist approaches esoteric alchemy, not only for his vision of the world identification with philosophy, but also sees it as a way of spiritual growth. The alchemical vocation responds to a spiritual call, deeper, they are attracted by the sacred call, it has a seven of knowledge, but not only, the need to be reborn. The spiritual ideal and initiatic knowledge are applied concretely in practical life, which will help growth, evolution, Liberation, the “Awakening”

The qualities required to be admitted to the CIAE philosophical organization are: Identify with the alchemical philosophy and have reached the age of majority.

To become a member of the Esoteric Alchemical International Community it is necessary to send an “Aspirant” request via e-mail to: logo after receive, an email containing a registration form to be filled in, necessary and obligatory for the administrative registration (Maximum confidentiality, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data) A registration fee, coverage of administrative and operating costs of the jurisdiction is foreseen

The member of the CIAE can, at any time and without reservation, request the cancellation of his registration by sending a request by e-mail containing; full name and identification number; once the request has been verified, the member is definitively canceled by the community)

Annual fee – an annual fee is charged to the members of the CIAE for administrative expenses.

Support Member – A member for free will, can decide to join the payment of an annual fee, and become a support member, collaborating with the development and growth of our philosophical organization. For those who decide to join the annual fee will receive an annual card from the date of registration. Becoming a member of support reserved for a percentage discount applied to each event held by C.I.A.E.

Lapis Angularis” – Local Organisms
In every jurisdiction the Alchemists take place in a non-instrumental world, called “Lapis Angularis” under the care of an ascending Master I. “These organs are under the responsibility and impulse of the Primus Lapis Angularis, general headquarters, to which In general, they serve as a framework for fraternal meetings, events, and seminars that complete the individual study of the written teaching of the CIAE Organization This perpetuates the oral aspect of the Alchemical Tradition, which we have promulgated in the “Lapis Angularis” the alchemical initiates are also conferred, learn from the teachers from the supreme council CIAE principle, and focus on those directed to physical exercise, a true teaching of liberation, to achieve inner peace, through the practices of freedom. Alchemical foundation meditation, indispensable and absolutely fundamental basis for the members of our community.

L’alchimista non ha fede! ha la certezza. (L.Lyon)

“The alchemist is serene, generous, radiant, joyful, but above all Sage: the energy that moves him is an unspeakable thirst for knowledge that leads him to desire with all his strength to be able to” touch “God, to the point of annulling himself God himself and disappear as a separate individual “

(some articles of the community statute)

Philosophical, it depends only on the level of elevation of spiritual growth of thought, of a philosophical philosophy that has left it free. A path that depends on a practice worthy of alchemical meditation, which leads the neophyte to a unique and absolutely personal path, a path that included, accompanied by a Supreme Alchemist Master, who analyzes the state of the lever to a greater understanding and clarity of the astral and supernatural world of the “Kingdom of philosophical Mercury”. graduation should not be seen as a superior degree, but as a brother of light, which requires respect for their acquired position of spiritual maturity.
Art.3 of the Structure and Organization

  • XI. Alchemical meditation, a daily practice, indispensable basis of our alchemical community, for every journey of knowledge for life itself and for spiritual growth … “Alchemical meditation reflects alchemical doctrine and philosophy is a path to spiritual enlightenment”
  • XIV. Each member is directly responsible for their spiritual growth, in which, taking care of themselves, respects others and nature, to the best of your ability;
  • XV. A member of the community, the sacredness and responsibility for their way of moving are the first steps as an alchemical apprentice, as a disciple of light;
  • XVI. A member of the community must be identified with the alchemical vision as a philosophy of life. It is a human fact that has decided to do work in its “Psyche = Soul”, and radically transmute its material consciousness, with the illumination as the primary objective, “awakening”, which is not learned in material acquisition, but in growth and spiritual experiences;
  • XIII. A member of the community in the purpose and principles in the alchemical vision, transmitted by the Supreme Alchemist Master, trying, concretely, to live the problems of alchemy, learning a putting into practice, their point of view in everyday reality.

Immagine“The avaricious crook of unclean hands can not tempt this art, nor will it ever be uncouth and gross, the dissolute mind will be completely blinded, but the wise and pious man draws near, and unites will and strength, I study this Art in all its depth and breadth …

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