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Quantum Healing

Energy consultancy and alchemical treatment
I * Lapis Angularis
AFE – Master Healer and Pranotherapist CIAE            (angolodellessenza@gmail.com)

For years in research and in-depth analysis in treatment; Spirit-psycho-energy; the Italian-Brazilian pranotherapist; Ana Almeida (Afe), has developed a methodology of “alchemical analysis” and “quantum therapy” with studies on the archetype of alchemical consciousness, obtaining great results in a harmonious and effective way

If your psychophysical conditions are not the best, if you have lost your energy balance or want to improve the greeting of your body, body and mind, the basic alchemical energy treatments are really an effective solution.

By appointment, the first cornerstone promotes sustainable energy treatment by the “AFE” Master. With spiritual practices of alchemical bases on periods of natural therapies, used as an alternative therapeutic form that provides a body, mind and spirit to undertake a natural healing path and rebalance and rediscover the psychophysical and spiritual well-being.

  Alchemical Analysis 

Oracle and alchemical cabal (linguaggio: italiano // portoghese brasiliano)

Alchemical analysis methodology through the sibyls of the energy-spiritual field

Personal operating method of reading that leads to further information that contributes to a long knowledge, a more completely misunderstood situation in front of the customer (and not only); a more in-depth analysis of the environment and the negative energies of the different nature that surrounds it, its possibilities are its weak and potential points and how to get rid of it!

Chakra Therapy // spiritual pranotherapy

Absolutely new therapy

1st phase therapy: Chakra therapy
2nd phase: Prano Spiritual therapy (exceptional cases)

The chakras are intersection points of the different energy levels of the person, in particular between the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels. In each of these levels the vital energy manifests itself with a specific body, one of which, the physical one, falls within the sensory perception common to all. The second body, the mental one, is a subtle, nonphysical body that falls under the capacity not of sense but of sensitivity that some people possess and manifests itself in the form of “aura”, that is, of energy extension external to the body, people who can perceive this body, describe it as a tactile sensation of “touching an energy” or if they perceive it visually


It is proposed as a pranic spiritual spiritual treatment, under the active presence of the four natural elements, in which it recalls the alchemical philosophy in therapy, effective and essential in the treatment, use of crystals, stones, incense, use of lights of different colors, to restore the optimal balance of the Chakras and better harmony in the Aura.

The treatment is divided into two phases, an initial denomination “ChakraTerapia” aimed at cleaning and energetically rebalancing the chakra and the Aura, and a second, called “Prano spiritual therapy” of the nivelo diluent, provided that you have noticed cases, given which works with the frontal chakra and the coronal chakra, in which it absolutely depends on the evaluation by the alchemical operator of the sensitive mediumistic state of the person to be treated.

The technique is intended to help activate the energy of the functions of the different energy levels of those who need it, in particular between the physical, mental, emotional levels, but above all on a spiritual level, which is considered to be a balance harmonious. Therapy is absolutely guided by the certified and recognized alchemical master, by the Supreme Council of the esoteric community of alchemical interaction (CIAE) remembering that therapy

While the person to be treated is comfortably lying on a therapeutic bed (one belly up), he rests on a white blanket on the clothes worn, in which the crystals are positioned, positioned in contact with the physical and thin materials, connected to the chakras, on points of the body in disequilibrium, in the most appropriate way to the needs of the individual subject, from this point the alchemical operator starts a general energy analysis, puts his hands up, on the subtle body or on the astral body, without direct contact with the physical body, once started, identifying the area that has an energy deficit, begins to rebalance and renew new pranic energies and restore the necessary energy balance.

Restoring the balance of your Chakras means finding your mental and physical well-being and living every day of your life in the name of health, energy and vitality. It is possible to remove the waste that accumulates in it, bringing the energy field between body, mind, soul back into balance and recovering the balance and harmony in our daily life and the lack of serenity, by reopening the closed paths.

The information and instructions required on this site do not in any way replace medical advice and advice


Coppia Cosmica

(sections of practical meetings, not theoretical. Time and day to be agreed)


Healthy couple on alchemical light

An initiative in the treatment of relationship problems in general as a couple, rebalancing and stabilizing the energy of communication and bringing harmony back to reality. With the fundamental intent to promote harmony and reconciliation that give the couple a unique, more harmonious, more intuitive, more balanced bond, in which complicity according to a precise balance, regulated by cosmic laws, so that the couple takes a new direction in their daily life. It is our love for something bigger and deeper that takes us beyond our personal desires and interests. The opportunity to save what’s in your heart, to rekindle your flame in the cosmos, rediscovering love, respect, rhythm and balance as a couple

Meditating together as often as possible can make a big difference in improving the quality of the relationship. Where love is noticed and reciprocal nourishment, means and modalities of knowledge also in the metaphysical dimension.

 Clean energy (energy cleaning-home / business / office) Energy cleaning in the environment to restore the energies of the environment and free and rebalance the energy in disharmony.

Contact with the world of the invisible is never a game, you want preparation, protection and attention for a pranic psychic! In all environments, they emit a positive energy that stimulates creativity, serenity and a sense of rhythm and deep vitality. Other environments instead seem only thought and darkness and cause a sense of tension and contraction. We need to pay close attention and care to the environment in which we spend a lot of time as home and office, because they affect our mind and body more than we have to look at.

In fact, fouling can adversely affect new occupants, thus offering weak but persistent resistance to their desires and desires. The auric field of each of us, in the area around the physical body, bears traces of many recent, ancient and ancient experiences; this “clouding” of the energetic body influences our perception of reality and can condition us heavily, slowing down our evolutionary path. We recommend carrying out a general cleaning of the energy once a year!

“Energy cleaning” – In the environment in which you live or work, when to do?

It is useful to carry out an energetic cleansing in a special way: if there are too many difficulties in some aspects of life, a purification can help!

  • Home, office, land
  • Communication problems: when they are sources of disturbance that investigate the vital
  • harmony of the person concerned or family members:
  • Loss of vital energy: when you struggle to fall asleep, or if you wake up; frequently in sleep;
    In closed rooms
  • where situations of continuous conflict
  • Company: communication problems, loss of sense of personal effectiveness;
  • When supernatural arise;
  • Before ending the year and even several times a year.

Living in harmony at home or during work requires us to stay in tune with the universal current and to enjoy a perfect psychophysical balance for us and our loved ones …


Alchemical marriage ” Alternative marriage “

“Alchemical marriage occurs when it is possible to merge” male and female “into themselves, that is, when perception and logic come together. From the union a third (psychic) ​​element emerges in its own right, which has been described as androgynous in nature ”


Regardless of any sexual identity (The ceremonies generally last 30 to 40 minutes, they can be performed both outdoors and in a private environment, chosen by you)

The sacred union in the alchemical grail develops listening to the Self, allowing to recognize the singing of the Inner Master, according to one of the fundamental alchemical concepts: the correspondence between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the human being). It is our love for something bigger and deeper that takes us beyond our personal desires and interests: lead becomes gold.

It is one of the most fascinating symbolic ceremonies of the esoteric alchemical dimension. In any case it has a special sacrocosmic symbolism. The union of the sun and the moon, in alchemy, receives a special name “Alchemical Marriage”. This is called union in a sacred way under “Cosmic Blessing” which gives the couple a unique, more harmonious, more intuitive, more balanced bond, where complicity goes beyond matter. The Cosmos is the expression of an organized and ordered Whole. Everything in the universe, a macrocosmic and microcosmic level, is organized according to a precise balance, regulated by cosmic readings.

The soul capable of arousing an immediate, profound and “ancient” affinity, as if it had always known about itself, is the soul mate, intended as a mirror and complementary. Meeting the other and recognizing him as part of himself and as part of the whole makes us experience belonging to a harmonious and perfect higher order. Enter the soulmates discover they have a spiritual goal to be achieved and evolved synchronously.