Practical application. Balance with Nature


Regardless of consciousness, the physical body needs the Vital Force to live. The fact that mental consciousness does not intervene in the process of vegetative life makes the rationalists believe that emotions play no role or that life is only the consequence of biochemical phenomena. It is true that one can not have any self-consciousness, as in the case of animals and in perfect health, but this does not exclude that an intelligent Life Force is the cause of life, even if we are not objectively aware of it.

The only respect for natural laws is enough to maintain life on the physical plane: the animals instinctively know the needs necessary for their subsistence and the Vital Force urges them to seek the nourishment and water they need, as well as a shelter for to sleep. When they are suffering, the animals also choose the herbs that treat them. In short, the consciousness connected to the Vital Force that animates them urges them to respect the laws of nature. The human being, as a conscious animal, must not forget this necessary aspect of the respect of the laws that preside over the economy of the Vital Force, that is to say to its good equilibrium. But the advantage and inconvenience of man is that he possesses an intellectual conscience that allows him free will. When man, through his way of life, moves away from nature, he loses his balance. If you isolate from nature by force of wanting to protect it and if it causes damage it is itself that attacks. This is why we have today an ever-increasing number of diseases caused by man-made pollution. What are the keys that man should use to keep his “animal” physical body in good health, his powerful and balanced “animal magnetism”?

  • First, exercise is necessary because it allows, for example, to promote the circulation of energy and to reinforce the Vital Force in us. With exercise, not only the heart, but also the breathing, blood circulation and muscle tone are reinforced. These functions recall an inflow of the Vital Force and make it circulate. A body without movement would wear out little by little and become sclerotic. Regular exercise, even if not intense, helps to eliminate the tensions related to a misuse of the Vital Force. There is nothing worse than a vital energy used to ruminate negative fixed ideas. The exercise, on the contrary, uses this energy and makes the “emptying” of the excesses of the mental. Furthermore, physical exercise, which is the relaxing, harmonizing and restorative phase of vital energy, increases the tone of the parasympathetic system and thus prepares the second phase of the health of the body, which is that of rest.
  • Rest is necessary for vegetative life. During this phase of recovery, the spiritual forces act in us and restore harmony to the whole. While the muscles and the mind rest, the energy that would be exhausted if used exclusively for material life, is directed to repair our tissues and revive the physical body. During the resting phase, our inner psychic ego can communicate with the Cosmic Consciousness and receive the spiritual essence of the Life Force that elevates its vibratory level as opposed to the material life that diminishes it …
  • Finally, breathing and feeding, which form the third phase of activity necessary for the health of the physical body: the one allows to fix the aerial psychic and spiritual polarity of the Vital Force in the body, the other fixes the negative mineral polarity. The physical body must therefore be conveniently nourished, in a correct proportion of aerial elements, like the fruits, of watery elements such as water and green vegetables, of terrestrial elements which are the mineral salts of water and those of the roots of plants. of igneous elements from grain seeds and dried fruits. Nevertheless, it must be said that in our days there are different foods. A freshly harvested and unpolluted food will bring more to the body than any processed or chemical food because it contains the spiritual element of the Life Force of the plant kingdom. It should be noted that the plants contain, just like us, a particle of the essence of the Vital Force: the quintessence that the alchemists tried to extract from the plants.