Alchemical Meditation “Method AFE”

Alchemical foundation meditation “Method of Afe”

Promotes an interior journey and spiritual growth!


Teaching technique with fidelity to the context of alchemical philosophy, developed by the Italian-Brazilian alchemist; Ana Almeida, in which she tends to propose a constant spiritual evolution. The technique is divided into 7 phases, initially guided personally, which then makes it possible to achieve true meditative autonomy. After daily practice, anyone is able to unify and awaken their true nature, which is Divine.

The practice leads us to a full sacrocosmic connection, in a fascinating, deep and intimate journey, to discover ourselves, which opens our inner path, in an alchemical path that consists in the careful observation of oneself, to achieve a higher degree of consciousness in contact with the basic energy that leads to knowledge and infinite spiritual growth.

Everything is directed towards the transformation of man himself, towards his divinization, his fusion into divine energy, from which all the energies of matter radiate, it is a sort of inner alchemy, which leads us to Opus Alchemicum, the major or less perfection depends exclusively on the qualitatively reached maturity of each individual, in the practice and perseverance of daily meditation, initially guided by an alchemical master