Hierarchy C.I.A.E

Esoteric Alchemical International Community

To have always been an initiatory science, this means that information about this philosophy and doctrine is acquired through an initiatory path, which, depending on the level of knowledge achieved, progressively approaches the center, that is, the unitary and universal perspective, point in where the microcosm comes to understand the macrocosm. Those who want to go into the study of alchemy must first learn the ancient disciplines


The graduation depends exclusively on the level of elevation of spiritual growth, on the understanding of the doctrine and philosophy of the Alchemical, which are the foundation of our Community. An initiatory path, in the practice of alchemical meditation, initially accompanied by the Supreme Master who analyzes the energetic state and the level of spiritual growth, which will lead the alchemist to a direct and clear understanding of the foundations of a spiritual and supernatural path that has left us the great masters of divine light. Graduation should never be seen as a degree of superiority among the members of the community, but as a brother of light, which requires respect for their position acquired by spiritual maturity:


  • For the lack of communication and interaction with the belonging Lapis Angularis, for a maximum period of 3 months, the member becomes “Not Active”, being able to regularize his situation by addressing the Master responsible for the Lapis Angularis belonging
  • over 1 year, the community member will have his name and possible pseudonym, automatically “suspended” by the CIAE
  • “Suspended” or “Non-Active” member does not have permission to transmit the teachings or exercise any representation activity from the CIAE.

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