Course – P.A.S.E.P – Alchemical Path of Support for Personal Evolution

The First Angular Stone CIAE – Proposes a new dynamic reality with a holistic approach, with workshops and laboratories and activities that impel spiritual and emotional growth. The aim of the laboratories has as main objective the improvement of the situation of the person towards the well-being and the balance, both from the energetic point of view that of awareness, making it autonomous in taking care of himself and maintaining the results achieved over time. The experiential evolution personal path is favorable to the development of awareness and therefore to emotional breakthrough, through holistic disciplines of pure alchemical foundation.


OLOS “in Greek means THE ENTIRE, ALL, and OLISM is therefore a unitary way of seeing reality, human beings and existence

Individual workshops
individual laboratory, suitable for those who for work or personal commitments can not guarantee a constant frequency in pre-established days and times, the person concerned can still count on the peculiar characteristics of the externalization and sharing of their emotions and experiences with another person ( the operator), and even with this mode it will be possible to increase one’s awareness of oneself both on the physical level and on the level of one’s inner dynamics.

The individual treatments are aimed at improving the situation of the person from the point of view of energy, emotional, physical balance, and to restore a situation of relaxation, well-being, harmony, performed in cycles of a certain number of sessions, depending on the situation in where the person is at the beginning, with a minimum of three or five sessions, one per week or on weekends, according to the agreement between the person and the operator.

Science can not unveil the fundamental mystery of nature. And this is because, in the final analysis, we ourselves are part of the enigma we are trying to solve. Max Planck (creator of Quantum Theory)

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