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Master Spiritual Healer; Ana W. Almeida, Italian of Brazilian origin; Art Designer, Pranotherapist, occultist, esotericist and alchemist of hermetic philosophy., known to her followers under the pseudonym of “Afe”, she has been involved in research and study for years, in the treatment of different forms of emotional, mental and spiritual energy, with the aim of promoting and fostering an evolutionary path of spiritual growth.

Over the years of study, Afe has developed 5 methodologies; Alchemical Analysis; Chacratherapy; Spiritual Pranotherapy; Alchemical Meditation or “Afe Method”; cosmocopy and Alchemical Reiki. All in the field of energy therapy and spiritual healing with studies on the archetype of alchemical consciousness, obtaining great results in a harmonious and effective way. Master Afe has also developed in the field of reiki treatment “Alchemical Reiki” by combining reiki with the principles of the alchemical law, the 4 natural elements, the 3 principles and the two natural polarities.

As an occultist, Master Afe has also dedicated herself to the study of shamanic and Wiccan alchemy, deepening her knowledge of magical herbs, learning how to obtain tincture, the essence to bring healing and relief to those in need, performing ritualistic practices of healing in a totally personalized way according to the needs with great desired results has carried out energetic purifications of people, houses and objects.

If your psychophysical conditions are not the best, if you have lost your energy balance or want to improve and harmonize, alchemical energy treatments are an alternative way of an effective solution.

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By booking, don’t waste time getting in touch with us: it is possible to embark on a path of natural healing and rebalancing and rediscover psychophysical and spiritual well-being.

Information, boking and assistance:

  • Alchemical Analysis (alchemical oracle)
  • Alchemical Meditation “AFE Metody” 
  • Chakratherapy
  • Spiritual Pranotherapy
  • Cosmocopia ( couples therapy)
  • Energy Clean (home / company / offic)
  • Alchemical Marriage (alternative marriage
  • Alchemical Reiki (course)

Alchemical Analysis (alchemical oracle)

Alchemical analysis -Online
(currently in Italian and Brazilian Portuguese)

(Methodology of Alchemical Analysis through the sibyls of the energetic-spiritual field and its potential. It consists of a personalized operating mode of alchemical reading that leads to further information that helps to make known, more completely, a misunderstood situation that the client (and not only) must face; a more in-depth analysis of the environment and of the negative energies of various kinds that surround it, of its possible weaknesses and potentials and how to get rid of it.

It should be emphasized that the functionality of this working technique depends on a whole preparation and on any spiritual permission of deepening by the alchemical master, before a consultation.

The work with the 4 elements (water, fire, earth, air) is a fundamental alchemical part. These are incorporated into the fifth element or Quintessence, in which we are part of a whole with the cosmos. The Ether, which represents the vitality of creation, which relates them, which goes beyond the limits of matter and the laws of space and time. the 4 interdependent elements present themselves in man, with their qualities, that is, observing the harmonic or disharmonious manifestations that influence the character and all corners of his life.

Alchemical Meditation

The technique is divided into 7 phases, initially personally guided, which then allow to reach a true meditative autonomy. After daily practice, anyone is able to unify and awaken their true nature, which is Divine.

The practice leads us to a full sacrocosmic connection, in a fascinating, deep and intimate journey, to discover ourselves, which opens our inner path, in an alchemical path that consists in careful observation of ourselves, to reach a more high degree of consciousness in contact with the basic energy leading to knowledge and infinite spiritual growth.

Everything is oriented towards the transformation of man himself, towards his divinization, his fusion into divine energy, from which all the energies of matter radiate, it is a sort of inner alchemy, which leads us to the Opus Alchemicum, depends on the greater or lesser perfection exclusively on the qualitatively reached maturity of each individual, in the practice and perseverance of daily meditation.

Spiritual Pranotherapy

Absolutely new therapy

Spiritual Pranotherapy in which one works with the frontal chakra in a guided tetha path in which it absolutely depends on the evaluation by the alchemical operator to detect the potential for opening and eventual rebalancing

It is proposed as a treatment of pranic spiritual energy, under the active presence of the four natural elements, in which it recalls the alchemical philosophy in therapy, effective and essential in the treatment, use of crystals, stones, incense, use of lights of different colors, to restore the optimal balance of the Chakras and a better harmony in the Aura.

How the treatment takes place

the person to be treated is comfortably lying on a therapeutic bed (one on his stomach), lies down on a white blanket on the clothes he is wearing, in which the crystals are positioned, positioned in contact with the body and subtle materials, connected to the chakras, on the points of the body in imbalance, in the way most suited to the needs of the individual subject, from this point the alchemical operator starts a general energetic analysis, raises his hands, on the subtle body or on the astral body, without direct contact with the body physical, once started, by identifying the area that has an energy deficit, it begins to rebalance and renew new pranic energies and restore the necessary energy balance.


The chakras are points of intersection of the different energy levels of the person, in particular between the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels. In each of these levels the vital energy manifests itself with a specific body, one of which, the physical one, is part of the sensory perception common to all. The second body, the mental one, is a subtle, non-physical body that falls under the capacity not of sense but of sensitivity that some people possess and manifest themselves in the form of “aura”, that is, the energetic extension external to the body, people who they can perceive this body, describe it as a tactile sensation of “touching an energy” or if they perceive it visually dedicated to the purification and energetic rebalancing of the chakras and the Aura in a guided tetha path

The treatment develops in an initial phase dedicated to the purification and energetic rebalancing of the chakras and the Aura through a daily meditation and then develops through a personalized accompaniment, in which, one works in the 3 alchemical phases; to nigredo, alla’albedo and then to rubedo, to dissolve the psycho-emotional energy blocks present in the person to be treated

Restoring the balance of your Chakras means finding your mental and physical well-being and living every day of your life in the name of health, energy and vitality. It is possible to remove the waste that accumulates in it, bringing the energy field between body, mind, soul back into balance and recovering the balance and harmony in our daily life and the lack of serenity, by reopening the closed paths


All treatments are aimed at helping to activate the energy of the functions of the different energy levels of those who need it, in particular between the physical, mental, emotional levels, but above all on a spiritual level, considered a harmonic balance. The therapy is absolutely pessonally guided by Afe

The information and instructions requested on this site do not in any way replace medical advice


“Cosmocopia” (couples therapy) sections of practical meetings, not theoretical. Time and day to be agreed

Healthy couple on alchemical light

An initiative in the treatment of relationship problems in general as a couple, rebalancing and stabilizing the energy of communication and bringing harmony back to reality. With the fundamental intent to promote harmony and reconciliation that give the couple a unique, more harmonious, more intuitive, more balanced bond, in which complicity according to a precise balance, regulated by cosmic laws, so that the couple takes a new direction in their daily life. It is our love for something bigger and deeper that takes us beyond our personal desires and interests. The opportunity to save what’s in your heart, to rekindle your flame in the cosmos, rediscovering love, respect, rhythm and balance as a couple

Meditating together as often as possible can make a big difference in improving the quality of the relationship. Where love is noticed and reciprocal nourishment, means and modalities of knowledge also in the metaphysical dimension.

Reiki Alchemy Healing

Preparatory course for new A”Reiki Alchemy Healing – Become an Alchemical Healer

Over more than 20 years of studies as an occultist, esotericist and alchemist of Hermetic philosophy, I have delved into studies in the various fields of Holistic treatment and developed an alternative method of treatment, which I called “Reiki Alchemy Healing”, which in an analogical amalgamation the basic pillars of Reiki to the archetypes of alchemy and its sacred geometry based on the Tetractys Alchemy of the elements, with its 4 elemental qualities, its 3 phiosophic principles and its 2 elemental noble metals, all connected in different ways and with different , combinations, which are necessary for the treatment, according to the requirements of the person to be treated.

When developing Reiki Alchemy Healing, introducing in favor of treatment the energetic potential and benefits of stones and crystals, which work as energy amplifiers, and native plants that have a certain accentuated sacred characteristic.

In this new treatment method, I created a combination of chrysaltherapy in the use of the fair sound frequency in HTZ, aiming to achieve a greater result in the energy treatment, thus allowing to operate more easily and to identify with more precision the energies in imbalance that are acting in the moment and in which fields they are present; energetic, emotional, mental and physical.

In Reiki Alchemy Healing, there is a deep spirituality, in addition to being a healing alternative it is actually (first of all) a viable way to achieve enlightenment or, in any case, total well-being. And recognizing the importance of getting in touch with the divine within, using an initial phase of inner vision and then the need for a meditative disciplinary practice, in order to go beyond the divisions and polarizations of the manifested world, a true intuitive recognition of its original essence, which is divine, emanation of the universal essence, hence the awareness that spirituality is an intimate and subjective experience of the ethereal essence, as it is, therefore, an evolutionary path, of spiritual growth, in search of the truth, and also of happiness, serenity and wisdom.

This means that Reiki Alchemy Healing is a complementary healing technique, but that it is first and foremost a spiritual discipline and the treatment itself cannot be separated from this union. This method does not depend on the phases necessary for Reiki, because it is a method that makes an analogy to Reiki, presenting in a similar way a practice in the scope of Holistic treatment. Healing Alchemy is a complementary, natural and alternative therapy, which I have personally developed to be most effective in the field of quantum healing. The procedure is transmitted orally and exclusively from Master to apprentice.

The main objective is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, as well as the restoration of harmony to our natural state of balance that produces well-being and happiness, and to provide healing to others and to ourselves! In the alchemical vision, we believe in the perfection of the human being, in its cultural enrichment, in the discovery of the true essence of the person, this experience is an alchemical process, it is the awakened state and the emergence of this awakened experience constitutes the guarantee that the Teaching that makes us walk a still living and vital Path, capable of producing liberation and enlightenment. The common man knows little about the most basic layer of knowledge of other realities and of himself. He takes his phobias and manias, that is, his personality, as his own identity, without realizing that he extracted these conditionings from the social environment, in an imitative and meaningless and transcendent way. Alchemy, as a traditional doctrine, constitutes a guide and a way to channel our passion and love for Knowledge is the way of awakening and awareness and a higher form.


More information from the curso please email the healing Master Afe (


the course at an average duration of 10 hours The course is totally personalized, it takes place completely online. I would learn the necessary processes to be able to perform Alchemical Reiki, in practice and to be able to apply it remotely or personally


Energy Clean (home / business / office)

Energy cleaning in the environment to restore the energies of the environment and free and rebalance the energy in disharmony.

Contact with the world of the invisible is never a game, you want preparation, protection and attention for a pranic psychic! In all environments, they emit a positive energy that stimulates creativity, serenity and a sense of rhythm and deep vitality. Other environments instead seem only thought and darkness and cause a sense of tension and contraction. We need to pay close attention and care to the environment in which we spend a lot of time as home and office, because they affect our mind and body more than we have to look at.

In fact, fouling can adversely affect new occupants, thus offering weak but persistent resistance to their desires and desires. The auric field of each of us, in the area around the physical body, bears traces of many recent, ancient and ancient experiences; this “clouding” of the energetic body influences our perception of reality and can condition us heavily, slowing down our evolutionary path. We recommend carrying out a general cleaning of the energy once a year!

“Energy Cleaning” – In the environment in which you live or work, when to do?

It is useful to carry out an energetic cleansing in a special way: if there are too many difficulties in some aspects of life, a purification can help!

  • Home, office, land
  • Communication problems: when they are sources of disturbance that investigate the vital
  • harmony of the person concerned or family members:
  • Loss of vital energy: when you struggle to fall asleep, or if you wake up; frequently in sleep;
    In closed rooms
  • where situations of continuous conflict
  • Company: communication problems, loss of sense of personal effectiveness;
  • When supernatural arise;
  • Before ending the year and even several times a year.

Living in harmony at home or during work requires us to stay in tune with the universal current and to enjoy a perfect psychophysical balance for us and our loved ones …

Alchemical Marriage “Alternative Marriage “

“Alchemical marriage occurs when it is possible to merge” male and female “into themselves, that is, when perception and logic come together. From the union a third (psychic) ​​element emerges in its own right, which has been described as androgynous in nature “

Regardless of any sexual identity (The ceremonies generally last 30 to 40 minutes, they can be performed both outdoors and in a private environment, chosen by you)

The sacred union in the alchemical grail develops listening to the Self, allowing to recognize the singing of the Inner Master, according to one of the fundamental alchemical concepts: the correspondence between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the human being). It is our love for something bigger and deeper that takes us beyond our personal desires and interests: lead becomes gold.

It is one of the most fascinating symbolic ceremonies of the esoteric alchemical dimension. In any case it has a special sacrocosmic symbolism. The union of the sun and the moon, in alchemy, receives a special name “Alchemical Marriage”. This is called union in a sacred way under “Cosmic Blessing” which gives the couple a unique, more harmonious, more intuitive, more balanced bond, where complicity goes beyond matter. The Cosmos is the expression of an organized and ordered Whole. Everything in the universe, a macrocosmic and microcosmic level, is organized according to a precise balance, regulated by cosmic readings.

The soul capable of arousing an immediate, deep and “ancient” affinity, as if it had always known about itself, is the soul mate, understood as a mirror and complementary. Meeting the other and recognizing him as part of oneself and as part of the whole makes us experience belonging to a harmonious and perfect superior order. The soulmates enter discovering that they have a spiritual goal to achieve and evolve synchronously.


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  7. Master Afe have been working with me for more than one year.
    She helped me to clarify the understanding of several situations in my life. In addition, she supported me to take some relevant decisions to improve my life and for me to become a better person.
    Thanks Afe and keep up the good job, creating a better World.

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