Spiritual Growth

International Esoteric Alchemical Community

Our philosophy vision recognizes the importance of getting in touch with the divine within oneself, resorting to an initial phase of an inner vision and after the need for a meditative disciplinary practice, with the intent to go beyond divisions and polarizations. of the manifested world, the intuitive recognition of its original essence, which is divine, emanation of the universal essence, hence the awareness that spirituality is an intimate and subjective experience of the ethereal essence, because we are therefore talking about an evolutionary path, of spiritual growth, in search of truth, but also of happiness, serenity and wisdom. Without distinction of race, sex, ethnicity or social position, or any other form of discrimination, open to all those who share the same basic values ​​or philosophical principles.

Our community is made up of volunteers who share the same passion, concepts and vivenziano the same hermetic philosophy that alchemy nos transmits over time. It has no profit and cannot distribute profits, it is apolitical, not religious, nor sectarian, it was born with the aim of promoting and spreading solidarity, universal harmonious awareness, the main virtues; as a force of truth, humility, non-violence, help and love of neighbor, benevolence, compassion and mutual respect, in which, following these principles, a personal and social mentality will develop to live in harmony with ourselves and with us around the world . Our philosophical values ​​and doctrine are based on ancient roots and on rites and traditions that will remain perennial.

Man is a spiritual being who animates a physical body, and therefore able to grasp the dimension of the divine and the sacred, for every journey of knowledge, for life itself and for spiritual growth.

In the alchemical view, we believe in the perfection of the human being, in its cultural enrichment, in the discovery of the true essence of the person, this experience is an alchemical process, it is the awakened state and the arising of this awakened experience constitutes the guarantee that the Teaching that let us follow both still a living and vital Way, capable of producing liberation and enlightenment. Little does the ordinary man know about the most basic layer of knowledge of other realities and of himself. He takes his phobias and manias, that is his personality, as his own identity, without seeing that he has extracted these conditioning from the social medium, in an imitative way and lacking in meaning and transcendence. Alchemy, as a traditional doctrine, constitutes a guide and a path towards which our passion for knowledge and our love for Knowledge can be channeled. The “personalized” mind can not make it against itself. (Afe)

The secret of the formula of V.I.T.R.I.O.L.U.M, the object of the Great Work of the Philosophers is precisely this. Each of us carries within himself the Stone of the sages, true medicine, able to accomplish everything.

Anyone who shares our thoughts is welcome to join our Community