who we are

I° L.A
MSc. Priestess: Afe  
MSc. Priest Lyon
General Adm.
MSc. Guardiano.

We are a group of friends with the same thoughts of a cultural and spiritual nature, which perpetuates the principles, practices, history and teachings of traditional alchemy, hermetic philosophy transmitted over the centuries since the most remote antiquity, thus spreading a culture aimed at establishing a path of spiritual growth in daily life.

The initiative was born in 2008, from the hermetic philosophical conception of an Italian couple; Ana Almeida and Luca Saraceni, who in July 2014 started a meeting place in the city of Brescia in Italy, known as “L’Angolo dell’Essenza”. In 2016 in Brazil (DF) in the City of Brazil, the first meeting event initiatory to the hermetic philosophy and energy treatment took place, curated by Mestra Afe.

As spiritual seekers, we believe that when we can see ourselves as a spirit, our identification with the body and mind will fall.At the same time the concepts of birth and death will cease to exist.We will be a cell in the body of the universe. , and that cosmic body will be familiar to us as our body is now.The truth is that this is our natural condition! To be one with the cosmos, in intimacy with life in all its forms, to achieve unity with our to be: this is our destiny, the end of our search! At that point every distinction between creator and created vanishes.The spirit within us is totally blended with the spirit of everything else. We will see every action as spirit that we pour into the spirit.We will live in trust and absolute knowledge, and even if it seems to us that we still reside in a body, it will only be a grain of Being on the shores of that infinite ocean of Being that we are ourselves “

(MSc. Afe)


Lao Tzu

There is nothing in the world more soft and weak than water, yet to attack things that are firm and strong there is nothing that can take precedence, because there is nothing (so effective) that it can be changed .
                                                                       ( Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching )