who we are

Supreme Council CIAE 
Ma. Sup. Afe  – I° L.A
M° Sup.  Lyon
General Adm.
M° Sac. Guardiano.- II° L.A.

We are a philosophical organization of esoteric alchemical doctrine, of cultural and spiritual heritage, which perpetuates the principles, practices, history, teachings and ideals of traditional alchemy, transmitted through the centuries since the most remote antiquity, thus spreading a culture designed to establish a path of spiritual growth in daily life.

The initiative was born in 2008 from the philosophical conception of two esoteric alchemists; the Italo-Brazilian Ana Almeida and the Italian Luca Saraceni and in the year of july 2014, starting the formation of the first International Community of foundation and philosophy Alchemica Esoterica, with a meeting place, in the city of Brescia in Italy, called; “Primus Lapis Angularis”. In 2016, the first initiatory event was held in Brasil, the Federal District, and the City of Brazil. An event of formation of new neophytes and alchemists. Currently the city of Brasilia is a reference point in the spread of the “wheel alchemy”, an effective method of group alchemical meditation, known as the “Method of Afe”.

“Lapis Angularis”
In every jurisdiction the Alchemists belong to a local organism, called “Lapis Angularis N ° _” under the care of an alchemist Master. These bodies operate under the responsibility and impulse of the Primus Lapis Angularis, headquarters, to which they belong. In general, they serve as a frame for meetings, events, and seminars that complete the individual study of the written teaching of the Organization C.I.A.E.

In the “Lapis Angularis” perpetuate the oral aspect of the alchemical tradition, promulgated by us, are also conferred the Alchemical initiates, created by the Masters Sac. In every local organism there is the activity directed to the meditative exercise in the practice of the alchemical foundation Meditation, indispensable basis, and absolutely necessary to the members of our community, what makes “respectable” in a local venue is the ability of its members to rise to a higher level, in which they abandon their “impure metals” outside the temple; where, symbolically, the term “impure metals” tends to indicate the set of vices, prejudices, socio-economic status and so on of each individual. From this prerogative, it is clear the intention to eliminate not only the differences of caste, but also those political and religious, inexhaustible sources of trouble and contrasts between men. The members of a “Lapis Angularis” must therefore try to operate in a respectful and honest way with their brothers of light, starting every time from scratch; without any preconception. Among the members, in particular there is a sort of relationship of mutual altruistic assistance, in which the need for a brother is also for the other. It is up to each of us then not to expire this in forms of patronage, favoritism or similar.

As spiritual seekers, we believe that when we can see ourselves as a spirit, our identification with the body and mind will fall.At the same time the concepts of birth and death will cease to exist.We will be a cell in the body of the universe. , and that cosmic body will be familiar to us as our body is now.The truth is that this is our natural condition! To be one with the cosmos, in intimacy with life in all its forms, to achieve unity with our to be: this is our destiny, the end of our search! At that point every distinction between creator and created vanishes.The spirit within us is totally blended with the spirit of everything else.We will see every action as spirit that we pour into the spirit.We will live in trust and absolute knowledge, and even if it seems to us that we still reside in a body, it will only be a grain of Being on the shores of that infinite ocean of Being that we are ourselves i ”  (M° Afe)


Lao Tzu

There is nothing in the world more soft and weak than water, yet to attack things that are firm and strong there is nothing that can take precedence, because there is nothing (so effective) that it can be changed .
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching )