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There is a Science, an Art that is nothing but the very rhythm of Eternal Life “Alchemy” (Al-Quemià) The Sacred Science that has always, now, and forever, been, is, and will, be Soul of Life!
Alchemy is above all a spiritual practice, an ancient hermetic tradition, a real science of naturalness, which combines elements of; science, astrology, semiotics, medicine, mysticism, religion, art, quantum physics and occult knowledge from supreme art, it is in fact an initiatory path that takes care of the whole man, making the spiritual and material life coexist in perfect harmony , in which the human being is the indivisible made up of three dimensions: Corporeal, Mental and Spiritual, which through a process of inner alchemy, can come to be realized, that is, become aware of one’s true Spiritual Reality, revealed in the symbol of the Great Work .
In alchemy, the true purpose of alchemical operations is the transformation of the alchemist himself, the attainment of a higher degree of consciousness. The material results are only the promises of the final result, which is spiritual. Everything is directed towards the transformation of man himself, towards his divinization, his fusion into Divine energy, from which all the energies of matter radiate. At the end of his work on the subject, the alchemist sees a transmutation in himself. The moment the “Great Work” takes place, the alchemist becomes an “awakened” man, reaching the point of arrival of all real knowledge of the laws of matter and energy, including technical knowledge. the alchemist sees a transmutation in himself. The moment the “Great Work” takes place, the alchemist becomes an “awakened” man, reaching the point of arrival of all real knowledge of the laws of matter and energy, including technical knowledge. the alchemist sees a transmutation in himsel

“… What is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below, to perform the miracles of the One-thing …”

357jyooAlchemy (Royal Art) is an ancient philosophical system, an esoteric and spiritual science – “Esoteric” because it maintains a condition of confidentiality as part of its discipline. In other words, the philosophy is that every experience must be lived and conducted spiritually in a path that has the purpose of making each one more and more responsible for himself and aware of his personal and spiritual power. In fine alchemy is the art of inner transformation. the existential philosophy that placed man at the center of the cosmos, rediscovering the laws of the universe within man himself, a crossroads between macrocosmic and microcosmic reality.

“Alchemy is not just an art or a science to teach metal transmutation, but a true and solid spiritual science that teaches us to know the center of everything, its energies and its different potentialities, in which man recognizes the Divine within oneself, what in divine language is called the “Divine and vivifying Spirit”

The Alchemy dates back to the ancient world and had great following especially in the Renaissance, the call “Golden Age”. In medieval and Renaissance alchemy, the primary purpose was to create the mythical Philosopher’s Stone, or Elixir of long life, through the fusion of the base metals that were transformed into gold, considered the noble metal par excellence, able to guarantee the immortality. But the purpose of alchemy was above all mystical and spiritual, because the encounter with his own humanity allowed the alchemist to make a spiritual journey in search of himself, of his Totality, of his potentials to be exploited as well as his limitations from to define; an introspective journey that linked and connected the interior with the outside, the conscious with the unconscious, the microcosm with the macrocosm, through the integration of the various bodily, emotional, psychic and energetic principles found in the Universe that I am at the man’s disposal for his realization, to become aware of his not being separated from the Totality but participant and in the first person of the Divine Principle. Esoteric alchemy represents the science that has the capacity to awaken the Divine power, the Divine spark present in every human being. It has always been an initiatory science, which means that information about this philosophy and doctrine is acquired through an initiatory path. A doctrine that presents teachings of essoteric interpretation (open to all) and a more profound Esoteric, (the prerogative of only initiates). The related teachings, alchemy in antiquity were not public, indeed, were hidden from those who had known, studied and lived intimately and spiritually, through his own commitment to research, a real transformation of the alchemist himself.

“‘Alchemy studies supersensible phenomena, opens the doors of mystery knowledge that should produce in the adept the” total awakening of Being. “It is totally hermetic, because of its own divine nature, only those who have conquered its “keys” know the mystery

Nell’alchimia l’uomo deve Sovere, Rettificare e Coagulare

vitriolThe acronym VITRIOLUM, which is used in alchemical literature, is formed by the Latin expression (Visit Interiora Terrae Rectifying Invenitis Occultum Lapidem Veram Medicinam) which means “Visit the inside of the earth, and rectifying you will find the hidden stone which is the real medicine “At the center of the acronym -” Rectifying “means” correcting “the negative aspects of one’s own psyche, purifying negative emotions.It serves to straighten up what has grown wrong during life.The alchemist has to purify himself from all the” filth “, from all its “scoriae.” It must wash the “body” to improve it and perfect it.The metals must be purified by “impure and destructive external elements.” The metals in this case are interpreted as emotions.

“It is true and far from all lies, that what is below is like that which is at the top, and thanks to that we acquire and perfect the wonders of the operation of a single thing, and like all things we do thanks to one and from the consideration of one, so all things are done by one by conjunction ” (Ermete Trismegisto)


The alchemist’s laboratory, with its Athanor, the alchemic crucible, becomes the metaphor of an inner journey of transformation, where one can make a reunification with one’s own soul through the integration of the psychic opposites, the “coniunctio oppositorum” that was the ultimate and spiritual end of alchemy: masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious, active and passive, light and shadow, Yang and Yin, Logos and Eros, Animus and Soul are welcomed in their sacred ambiguity to be first visualized, separated and then processed to complete the final stage.

It is not easy to grasp the importance and value of what hides the art of the arts.

It is Art that is also One, but which is multiple, for those who live it, who incarnate it, through the silent daily work that they perform in that body, alchemical laboratory, divine Athanor, where everything dies it generates and transforms itself, so that the conscience understands itself, expanding itself more and more, the light that pervades everything..

The importance of the alchemical Master in the spiritual path

To take the spiritual path seriously, that is the path to liberation and total awakening, it is essential to develop a correct relationship with the Master, to determine a personal and transforming experience both inwardly and in everyday life and to make correct progress, above all in the correct technique of alchemical foundation meditation, the role of the Master is fundamental in the path of spiritual growth, is to help realize our potential for the well-being of our life. We need the guidance of a Master because we do not know how to listen within ourselves, our mind is always turned to the outside and to our egoic state of seeing life. In reality, Master urges us to grow and change, never forgetting that the true guide is your self within you, that is yourself. The only real progress we can experience in our lives is not measured by quantity but by quality, the quality of our actions. The progress of a human being can only be spiritual, there is no progress if there is no spirit in our actions. To believe to progress only because we have reached a goal from the material point of view is a mere illusion. The true results of this progress see us every day striving to improve ourselves and the world around us. Only your inner Master will lead you to discover the beauty of yourself and encourage you to accept real changes.

A true Master, as a spiritual guide, does not come to change the principles, which, as divine, are eternal and immutable. This Teaching has its origin in the cosmic and solar Spirit that has guided our humanity since its origins. on the great Universal Laws “a faithful microcosm of the macrocosm

The essence of a true Teaching of Liberation is the direct personal experience of the “natural state of mind”, the absolute, non-dual experience, which is our True Nature. This experience is an alchemical process is the awakened state, which is also the true core of the Teaching of Liberation, which is transmitted immutably over the centuries as a teacher, by the great Masters. The arising of this awakened experience constitutes the guarantee that the Teaching we follow is still a living and vital Way, capable of producing liberation and enlightenment.

No man can ever steal the secret of secrets!

Many men died because of this, many took the role of the executioners to conquer it and make it their own, but The Royal Art, as the Masters say, is like a Madonna, which must be conquered with the Spirit, loved with the Body, impregnated with the Soul.

The only way to get to know a road is to follow it!

For every man there is a unique and unrepeatable road, converging, however, towards the same center, Center irradiante Luce, recall of Love and Life. Every man goes along that path recalled by the radiant vibration of that Central Consciousness and, once he reaches it, he transmutes himself into a ray of radiant Light, witness and beacon for those who follow him.

There is only one key to enter the Secret of secrets, to adhere with full love to the love that calls him! Gold is created only with gold! Who has ears to understand that understands!