Esoteric Marriage


Ma. AFE (Sacred Alchemical Marriage)


International Esoteric Alchemical Community
Primus Lapis Angularis – “The corner of the essence”
Performed by the Supreme Master and Priestess “AFE”

Sacred Couple – Sacred Alchemical Marriage (Friendship Ties / Renewal of Vows) Sacrocosmic Ceremony of Alchemical Esoteric dimension, without distinction of sex not tied to any religion in particular.


The sacred union in the alchemical grail develops listening to the Self, allowing to recognize the singing of the Inner Master, according to one of the fundamental alchemical concepts: the correspondence between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the human being) It is our love for something bigger and deeper that takes us beyond our personal desires and interests: lead becomes gold.

It is one of the most fascinating symbolic ceremonies of esoteric Alchemic dimension. In the event in all it has a special sacrocosmic symbolism. The union of the Sun and the Moon, in alchemy, receives a special name “Alchemical Marriage” This is called the union in a sacred way under “Cosmic Blessing” which gives the couple a unique, more harmonious, more intuitive, more balanced bond, where complicity goes beyond matter. The Cosmos is the expression of an organized and ordered Whole. Everything in the universe, at the macrocosmic and microcosmic level, is arranged according to a precise balance, regulated by cosmic laws.

The soul capable of arousing an immediate, profound and “ancient” affinity, as if it had always known itself is the soul mate, intended as a mirror and complementary. Meeting the other and recognizing him as a part of himself and as a part of the whole makes us experience belonging to a harmonious and perfect higher order. Both soul mates discover they have a spiritual goal to accomplish, and evolve synchronously. Regardless of any sexual identity, when you manage to merge “masculine and feminine” into yourself, that is, when perceptiveness and logic come together, alchemical marriage occurs. From the union a third (psychic) ​​element arises, in its own right, which was described of an androgynous nature.

Pagan marriage is a very ancient rite and its history dates back to the Druid era, I have celebrated it for many years … since I received the priestly service (intended as a service and support for others). I follow a particular tradition that has its roots in the alchemical archetype of sacred marriage and in the philosophy of the druidic dimension. With reference to the four elements, water, air, earth and fire recalls the blessing of the divine light of the fifth essence “The ether” and from the great mother nature (Afe).

After the sci-fi of the wedding rings and after weaving white and red cord of the colors, I manifest the blessing for the couple

(The ceremonies generally last 30 to 40 minutes. The event can be held in any month of the year. (Prices to agree)