The harmony of the Warrior of Light

The harmony of the Warrior of Light

The Warrior of Light keeps the vibrations ALTE is coherent, tuned, in harmony with the Universe is the Love that springs from the SOURCE inside of him that generates the JOY. a true The Warrior of Light chooses one by one the words he uses. He knows his power and loads words with his ENERGY. When he uses words with his friend or the enemy, he loads them with the Energy of awareness. NEVER use them behind the friend or the enemy but it is always direct … HEART TO HEART. Limit words and manage them with loving presence. Nothing needs great fanfare, especially difficult and painful businesses. Instead, he transmits the JOY of VICTORY, which he can also find in defeat, from which he always draws BIG AMMAESTRAMENTS This makes him INTEGRO, INAPTABLE, INVULNERABLE, thus increasing his inner power. No disturbance transpires from his face: Nor from his eyes. Nor by the tone of his voice. He does not repress his emotions he plays with them and he LOOKS THEM TRANSMUTES thanks to the internalized energy … “to his inner Alchemy” He knows that it is useless to complain, but to activate himself to discover new strategies. The Warrior of Light does not flee from pain, does not turn his back on the teacher who comes into his life, he himself has called him, he is 100% responsible for what he attracts: This makes him INTEGRO, INAPTABLE, INVULNERABLE, doing so increases his inner power. The Warrior of Light does not judge, neither himself nor others, he knows that judgment is the enemy of Harmony and Peace, in so doing he increases PEACE and one day, very soon, the world will change … WHY ‘HE HAS CHANGED IF SAME …..

Ruach Elohim … “The Spirit blows where it wants” … Be Enlightened !!!
May the Cosmic Light be with each of you … (Afe)


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