Simple exercises of how to meditate at home


For those beginning the first steps of meditation, learning to meditate at home will help you get rid of stress and feel good. First of all I recommend you find a corner that will be used only for meditation! There are several ways to create a special corner “let go of the creative personality” I advise you to activate the 4 natural elements for a good energetic initiation, a simple Diffuser of Essences, there are 3 elements (earth, water and fire) and then the incense at your pleasure … do not let the interior plants not only embellish the environment, but make it healthier … Here is my sacred niche .. They give you good energy, be enlightened !!!

Meditation is a simple practice that can help you relax, get to know yourself better and develop your ability to bring out the best at all times. (Short guide for beginners)

1. Choose a favorable environment.

Find a quiet place and make sure that nobody can disturb you for at least 15 or even more minutes (you choose).

Sit down, relax and place your hands on your knees. You can sit on the ground cross-legged on a cushion or on any chair with your back resting your feet on the ground. If you are not used to sitting in the lotus position do not force yourself, it is not necessary


Regardless of how you sit trying to maintain the natural curvature of your back while avoiding bending it, it is very important for the health of your back. We also talked about it in the third pillar (which you can download at the top right if you have not already done so)

2. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Close your eyes gently. Start by taking a couple of deep breaths, inhaling from the nose, filling the belly and exhaling from the mouth. Do not force yourself, make the natural process. The first breaths will not be deep but gradually they will become more and more and the air will fill your lungs. Take it easy, take the time you need.

3. Be aware.

As you breathe slowly you will begin to feel calmer and relaxed. This is a good sign. Now focus your attention on your breathing. Be aware of every breath you breathe in through your nose. You are aware of every breath that you breathe out through your mouth. Keep focusing on your breathing for as long as you want.

If you notice that your attention turns away from your breaths, gently bring it back. It can happen several times, but you do not lose heart. The important thing is to be aware of the fact that our mind tries to wander and bring it back where we want it to be.

4. End. When you are ready to finish the meditation open your eyes and get up slowly. Do a little stretching and in the next session increase your awareness. Here we are, you did it !!!

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