Exercises to clean the energies, the physical body and the subtle bodies

Four exercises to be performed daily to clean and illuminate the energy, the physical body and the subtle bodies. These exercises are useful to create space and harmony within us, to prepare ourselves on high vibrational frequencies and to favor a bright day full of inspirations. (When you feel ready … Open your eyes and start your day)

Visualize the joy that spreads throughout your being and mentally states






The bright smile

This exercise, should be done in the morning as soon as you wake up and will serve to align your physical body, your thoughts, your subtle bodies and your energy centers to the vibration of joy … In doing so your day will be radiant, luminous, productive and full of divine inspirations. Joy is one of the highest frequencies that we can integrate.

Procedure: When you are awake and you feel ready, put yourself upright, close your eyes and let your thoughts settle. Now you have a beautiful smile … The smile is wider and brighter than you can. Show an intense light spread from that smile. That is the frequency of joy. Let that energy spread throughout your being, from head to toe, filling and filling every cell with every little part of your physical body, your subtle bodies and your energy centers.

The luminous breath

This exercise is good to do as many times as you can during the day … Every time you want to energize, vitalize, clean up and illuminate our being as a whole. With this practice we consciously incorporate pranic energy into our whole being, bringing back a state of energetic harmony.

Procedure: Arrange as you prefer, standing, in a sitting position, on a bed or on a comfortable chair … Close your eyes and relax deeply. Begin to breathe gently and while doing so visualize the luminous prana that is absorbed by every part of your body, by every cell, revitalizing and illuminating you. With each exhalation, visualize the prana that your body has already absorbed and which has now been discharged on a vibrational level, releasing itself into the world entrusting it lovingly to the care of the universe which will bring it back to its original state. Perform this process of inhaling and exhaling until you feel in harmony, until you feel your body and every part of you shine brightly.

The tree

The tree exercise serves to root, align and harmonize with the energies of mother Earth and sky. In other words, we bring our higher aspects and our lower aspects into harmony in the present moment by celebrating our connection with every aspect of ourselves and of creation.

Procedure: Standing, bending your legs slightly begins breathing softly. Visualize as your feet turn into roots that slowly sink into the heart of Mother Earth until you reach her belly … her pulsating and luminous heart. Feel the energy rising up the roots opening and illuminating your every center. Your spine is transformed into the trunk of the tree. Now you are the tree. Strong, wise and full of vitality. The energy of the Earth joins yours and rises along the trunk, illuminating the higher centers. Now slowly raise your arms to the sky, which are transformed into branches that touch the infinite. Connect the infinite to the earthly aspects and let yourself become one. When you feel ready, slowly come back to being yourself keeping in harmony and connection.

The blessing

You are a divine being that has the power to transform everything that you see and touch, you have the ability to be at the service of awakening through one of the most powerful tools available. The blessing. This exercise must become a daily habit. Bless yourself, your life, the planet Earth, the whole humanity, the sky, the universe. Be grateful to everything and treat everyone with respect, kindness, and kindness. Be welcoming. Set yourself against life with a sacred attitude, learn to see in the world only beauty and wonder … and the world will only restore beauty and wonder. Learn to bless everything you see and everything that touches, suspending judgment and looking through the eyes of love.

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