Alchemical Meditation “Method AFE”

Alchemical foundation meditation “Method of Afe”

Promotes an interior journey and spiritual growth!


Teaching technique with fidelity to the context of alchemical philosophy, developed by the Italian-Brazilian alchemist; Ana Almeida, in which she tends to propose a constant spiritual evolution. The technique is divided into 7 phases, initially guided personally, which then makes it possible to achieve true meditative autonomy. After daily practice, anyone is able to unify and awaken their true nature, which is Divine.

The practice leads us to a full sacrocosmic connection, in a fascinating, deep and intimate journey, to discover ourselves, which opens our inner path, in an alchemical path that consists in the careful observation of oneself, to achieve a higher degree of consciousness in contact with the basic energy that leads to knowledge and infinite spiritual growth.

Everything is directed towards the transformation of man himself, towards his divinization, his fusion into divine energy, from which all the energies of matter radiate, it is a sort of inner alchemy, which leads us to Opus Alchemicum, the major or less perfection depends exclusively on the qualitatively reached maturity of each individual, in the practice and perseverance of daily meditation, initially guided by an alchemical master

This is the meeting point between individual and cosmic intelligence. The experience of this fundamental level of existence, in which the totality of our creative potential resides, integrates the functioning of the brain and simultaneously awakens every aspect of life: intelligence and creativity, health, better behavior, the ability to act successfully and peace. social sphere.

The miracle of silence!
To perceive one’s presence from within. Awareness and recognition, to feel good about yourself when you are alone and feel good with others when you are in relationship. Each lesson will raise awareness and expand it to develop the qualities of clarity and inner light. Through the habit of meditating, the practitioner can increase his life energy. It brings joy, peace, wisdom, inner growth and fosters unity and harmonious conscious entry into the cosmic rhythm.


“Alchemical Wheel”
The group meditations have an amplified effect, as the energies of each participant merge with the sacrocosmic energy. It offers innumerable benefits for the body, mind and spirit. a journey towards the discovery of oneself and one’s own wonderful inner world that brings us peace and communion with the Divine, who gives us, collective consciousness and makes us aware that each of us is a center of divine energy, that we are brothers of light and we are part of a great cosmic family, in which we can grow together and build a future of peace and brotherhood.

“Who knows, the spirit dominates matter” The steps, or phases of the alchemical opus, is a slow, progressive transformation, in search of the wisdom necessary to implement the discovery of the Philosopher’s Stone.

albero alchemicoWe can define alchemical meditation as a state of pure being, of clear awareness, attention, observation and spiritual elevation. The first goal to reach, the first step to climb, consists of 3 main points:

  • Careful observation of oneself
  • The absolute lack of effort during the exercise of silence
  • Perseverance and the habit of meditating because only in this way will our capacity forKnowledge / Consciousness grow. that can not happen intellectually but only spiritually, through a personal act of inner Understanding.

The method AFE, allows one to bring the conscious mind to experience progressively more subtle levels of thought, and to reach the source of thought itself, of our body of light and divine mind, which leads to the detachment of the rational mind, on a higher level. silent of awareness at the root of our Self, in which dwells an unlimited reserve of energy, intelligence, creativity, joy and wisdom. The more we are able to think from that level, the more we feel realized and we are able to satisfy our aspirations effortlessly.

The technique presented here requires knowledge, to be taught, nut to the path that leads us to operate in the Reign of philosophical Mercury or the State of Rebis, which will take you on an infinite path of spiritual intimacy. Alchemical Meditation “reflects alchemical doctrine and philosophy is a path to spiritual enlightenment. The practice is absolutely transmitted by an alchemist Master or alchemist of the last degree, as long as the practitioner finds autonomy within a serious and correct meditation (Afe)

13087893_1737593153123043_4035314946081573092_nWith meditation you can discover your true nature and fully enjoy it. Most people today have a full and stressful life, sometimes even very constructive and satisfying. But all this leads to being tired, exhausted and stressed. Sometimes we feel tarnished and burdened, with anxiety about the many things to do and the fear of not making it. Often all this is accompanied by a sense of emptiness and lack of direction. Meditation is a simple, powerful and effective way to minimize the consequences of such a full life.

“The correct practice of meditation involves spiritual growth”

  • It gives you joy, inner freedom and energy, both physical and mental, a sense of true well-being!
  • It gives you mental clarity, “think clearly” and make the best decisions at the best time.
  • It gives you the ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles in a positive and creative way,
  • He gives you Maturity; Personal autonomy and independence of judgment “do not be conditioned by others”
  • It gives you the opportunity to recognize and realize your aspirations

Meditation is the art of listening to oneself, of contacting what we need for our evolution and our well-being. It allows us to act more spontaneously, more connected to being, following more the impulses of the heart than of the conditioned mind. It is the practice that allows one to reunite with being, facilitating the return home, to that inner space in which one perceives oneself as unity. It is the fundamental step towards self-healing, that is, the understanding that the ego is not our true identity, but only the reflection. When we are in Meditation, we become the bridge between heaven and earth, the point of balance where the incarnating divine and the ascending human find harmony, balance and act in unison.

Meditation – to really work – requires a certain amount of constancy, regularity in practice and, above all, individual responsibility towards one’s own happiness, personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.


medit“Empty your mind of all thoughts; let your heart find peace. Study the complexity of the world, but contemplate the return. The return to the source is serenity. If you do not realize the source you will end up confusing and feeling sorry for it. When you understand where you come from, you will naturally become tolerant, understanding, multifaceted. Immersed in the infinity of Tao you can be happy with any situation in which your life will lead you, and when death comes, you will be ready for that too. “(Daodejing)
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